stone tiles

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stone tiles

Postprzez Qizhenbi » 25 wrz 2018, o 02:27

What is the difference between stone tiles? The nature of the product is different from the material. Stone is a natural material. Its hardness is high. Whether you cut it or polish it, its essence has not changed. It only changes its shape or shape. The ceramic tile is artificial stone. Its raw material is basically clay, quartz sand and other materials. It is a new substance formed by the chemical reaction of sand, stone and mud. Therefore, its hardness is lower than that of stone. . Different durability Since ancient times, the buildings that can be better preserved are basically stone buildings. This is because the stone has high hardness, good durability and long service life. The tile is a man-made material, its texture is not as hard as stone, its impact resistance is weak, it is prone to breakage cracks, etc., and in the transportation and handling, the tiles often have some loss. The degree of chromatic aberration is different. Because stone is a natural material, it is born by nature. Therefore, its texture is clear and natural, and the color difference is relatively large. It is difficult to find exactly the same two pieces of stone. The tile is a kind of material that has been manually processed. We can artificially avoid the chromatic aberration of the tile to a certain extent, so that the chromatic aberration of the tile becomes smaller. Due to the influence of raw materials and production processes, we are temporarily unable to make the tiles completely free of chromatic aberration. The different stability of the stone comes from nature, can adapt to the cold and heat, but also can withstand the storm, so the stability of the stone is good, it is not easy to be affected by the outside world and deformed and broken. The stability of the tile is poor, and in winter, the deformation of the arch is prone to occur. The surface of the stone with different anti-slip properties is uneven. If we apply it to the floor decoration, we will have a large friction when walking on it. Therefore, the stone has a good anti-slip effect and is suitable for us to walk. The surface of the tile is relatively smooth, and it is easier to slip when it is in contact with water. When we walk on the tile, the friction is small, and it is easy to slip to the fall, so the slip resistance of the tile is poor.
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