The advantages of wood and pure wood ratio

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The advantages of wood and pure wood ratio

Postprzez Qizhenbi » 14 cze 2018, o 02:29

The advantages of wood and pure wood ratio
Although wood-plastic composites are more expensive than pure wood, the relative high costs are gradually decreasing as manufacturers find more efficient processing methods.composite wood composite boat decking materials The use of recycled plastics in composites can further reduce costs. Even with the current cost structure, many consumers are still willing to accept relatively high prices due to the advantages of these composite materials. Specific advantages include the following:
1, friendly to the environment:
Use recycled materials (wood powder and plastic)No need for antiseptic treatment
2, does not require daily maintenance, wood plastic composite deck plan investment fund the service life is longer than the wood does not absorb moisture, tide, does not decay, pest control
No cracking, cracking, deformation Insensitive to cold and hot environments
3, polyolefin wood plastic composite material has good mechanical properties, can be widely used as bearing structural material;
4. 95% of polyolefin wood plastic materials are recycled materials, so the cost is low, and the products can be recycled 100%;
5, PVC wood plastic composites through the micro-foam to improve the impact strength, reduce the proportion of real pvc decks sizes and price Spain
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