or the "Little Girl Mountain

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or the "Little Girl Mountain

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For the "Little Girl Mountain", I came with a heart of love. Everything about her has also been seen from the description of others. But I thought that to feel her beauty, the best position is head-up. That is to say Cigarettes For Sale, the eyebrows are flush with the flowers of the "Little Girl Mountain", and they are in it. They flow along her mountain range, get close to her, dissolve into her, and accept it beautifully - her cool ten fingers touch gently... "Little Girl Mountain ", I can't let you wait for too long." In the wilderness of early autumn, the air is fresh and the landscape is beautiful. Along the way, we put the happy and beautiful in the pocket. There is an imaginary beauty in the heart, and the bumps and hardships on the road can be neglected. When I arrived at the destination, I opened my heart and said Newport Cigarettes Coupons, "Little Girl Mountain" came slowly to me. Think about it, Qingshan Dibao my feet, "beauty" � I sakura Marlboro Lights, a dirty soul is washed, this is a happy human beauty and "Little Girl Mountain" has a long time of peace, just hit A face-to-face, deep in the heart has already felt her unique style tenderness. The sun has not yet appeared, and some small flowers and grass on the mountain road have begun to compete, dancing with dewdrops. Not far away, the sound of the branches and leaves, the sound of running water between the mountains, the flying dance of the bees and butterflies, one after another, straight into the bottom of the ear. Gently stepping on the wet wood of the ground, we cheered all the way up to the middle of the mountain, and we were shocked by the strange peaks and stones. Ah! Little girl mountain, you are waiting here for a long time. This is a unique mountain! At the mountain level, the flowers and plants are in full bloom, the trees are different, and the bees fly butterflies dance. In the middle of the mountain, it is like a small room. It is surrounded by a branch of stone. Some like the generals put the door, some like Stoudemire sweeping the ground, some like the side ears listening... The peaks and stones, the clouds are around, the swallows are squatting, the scene is excellent. In the not-so-peak forest, there are three beautiful stone columns that are most conspicuous. Listening to the tour guide, the two stone pillars standing in front of the mountain gate are the big girl and the second girl, and they stand at the highest point. They are located in Yunfeng, the most characteristic, and the beautiful stone pillars are very popular. The "Little Girl" of the Tao! I heard that they are all transformed by the fairy. "This is an excellent place for Feng Shui!" The guide said with a smile. "Two or three years ago, there was a white-haired boy who came here with a glance. I took a fancy to the 'Little Girl Mountain'! I liked it very much! On the night, he lived in the mountains and refused to go home. It was also invalid because of how we persuaded. The next morning, when we went to the mountains to find the old gentleman At that time, we were shocked by the unexpected things! The old gentleman slept in the mountains in the night, and dawned to wake up, but he didn��t know where to go! You said that it was not surprising. Later, I heard that he was moved by some mountain gods and ghosts! This place, God!" Oh, it sounds a bit unbelievable! However, why did these chic peaks come from? Why did the "Three Girls" stand here? It is said that when Li Zicheng defeated the capital, he passed the mountain. At that time, due to the lack of choice, some thieves were chased by Fu Jia. Li Yu Wang was in a hurry and plunged into this peak forest. The thief arrived, and a very charming figure like Shi Zhu has been blocked in front of him. Two beautiful portraits like Shi Zhu have already stood behind the thief! The thief was shocked and in a hurry, he had to flee. They had thought that after the fossils of the three fairies in the sky, they rescued the king. Since then, there have been many legends about the king of Li Yu. After Li Zicheng��s defeat,
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Re: or the "Little Girl Mountain

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Re: or the "Little Girl Mountain

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