Bethesda is officially addressing Fallout 76 exploits

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Bethesda is officially addressing Fallout 76 exploits

Postprzez mmocs » 19 sty 2019, o 01:50

Fallout 76 players have discovered a hidden area that is supposed to be reserved for developers, and Bethesda is reportedly responding with bans for those who exploit it. The hidden "dev room" can't be accessed through normal means, but it contains every item in the game, including some that aren't even released to the public yet.

Following a winter break, during which time the community took full advantage of Bethesda's laxness, the company is officially addressing exploits in a blog post. Noting that the publisher wants a "happy and healthy world for all players" (which is fairly hard to do given the buggy state of Fallout 76 as a whole), they explain that they've been "working hard" locating people who abuse exploits, and will remove problem players.

Bethesda also confirms in the statement that "in an effort to ensure the integrity of these characters and accounts, these accounts are being temporarily disabled pending further investigation. Players that have accessed these areas and have had their accounts impacted are encouraged to contact our support team." Best and Cheapest Fallout 76 Atoms For Sale -

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising, then, that players have tried to take matters into their own hands as we wait on Bethesda for fixes. Polygon points a now-deleted Reddit post that gives players tips on hunting down dupers and making them pay for their cheating. The subreddit’s moderators seem to be deleting posts that deal in hunting and confronting suspected dupers in-game, but even with threads and comments being deleted, the collective mentality that these dupers must face justice is obvious.

A Fallout 76 Reddit group focused on exchanging items between players outright banned the items found in the secret room last week. The list includes multiple helmets and hats as well as several paint styles, and the community continues to compile information on strange items they’ve seen in the game. They also urge those who already obtained the items to drop them immediately, though it isn’t clear if Bethesda will be checking those who had the items, or just those who still currently possess them.

It seems Bethesda plugged one of these vulnerabilities, as reports now suggest players are no longer able to interact with objects inside the room, though some still claim to the room itself remains accessible. This is just the latest in a long list of events that continue to paint Fallout 76 in an unfavourable light. Bethesda only recently fixed a duping exploit, which itself followed a different problem with broken nuke codes.
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